The visit to the reindeer farm

The visit to the reindeer farm

When you visit our reindeer farm we will visit the old main house. There we will tell about the history of the house and the reindeer farm. There are a lot of old items and old pictures. You also hear about reindeer herding. We will serve you dinner or hot berry juice with some cookies, depending on the order.

Then we go to the reindeer fence and you can feed the reindeer with lichen, which is the favorite food for the reindeer. You have time to watch them and see how nice and cute animals they are. You will get a lot of information about them.

The reindeer sleigh ride

With a visit to the reindeer farm you can take a reindeer sleigh ride. It is a short ride in a sleigh around a nice little forest near the reindeer fence.

Summertime in reindeer farm

In summertime our reindeer live freely in the forest.

Our accommodations are still open and in the summertime we rent also a Wilderness cabin near the little river Laisentiajoki for 4+2 people. Gas cooker, gas refrigerator, fireplace with stove. Traditional Finnish sauna and toilet in the outdoors. Campfire place. Dinnerware and pans, drinking water you will get from Poro-Pekan Pirtti farm.